Wednesday, April 30, 2008

First trip, but certainly not our last

How we remained unscathed and somehow protected from a trip to urgent care or the emergency room up until now is beyond me. Of course that all changed today after Mia fell on her little cabeza. Mia was such a trooper and proved once again she's one tough cookie. Mommy and Bubba on the other hand, could have done without the blood and the needles...yikes! Here's proof that you can still smile after a few stitches (although the red vines and stickers may have helped some).

If Mia's Flintstone-like gibberish could be translated, I'm sure she's said: "That's how I roll, Ma. That's how I roll."

Monday, April 21, 2008

(Another) Spencer funny

Mia was a little crabby for a few minutes this afternoon. Of course, those were the same minutes Spencer insisted on playing with his sister and it didn't go over well...she needed some space.

I explained to him that we needed to show Mia some grace. I've used this phrasing in the past, but it's been awhile so he asked me what "grace" was. Here's how our short, but funny conversation went:

S: "Mom, what's grace?"
H: "Grace is giving someone something even when they don't deserve it"
S: "Oh." long pause "Well, when I don't deserve dessert, I need grace."

The kid catches on quick! Maybe I'll use that same excuse, eh?!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Forever Friends

Our good friend Christen came by tonight to visit. It was a visit long overdue considering we haven't meet up for seven years or so. I meet Christen way back in middle school, but we weren't exactly pals then. That's her story to tell :).

We reunited in high school and became very close friends. And just a year after graduation, she stood alongside me on our wedding day. Soon after our wedding, our paths separated some, mostly due to distance. After our get-together tonight I'm sure she's just one of those friends you never really lose. As she prepares for a move to Peru, I find myself so thankful for those forever friends. Although our distance will soon be far greater, I certainly hope our desire for a deeper friendship was rekindled. I know it was for me.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Just a few reasons I love spending time with Grandpa...

This is just a sampling of the bizarre, but always amusing conversations that take place between the family and Grandpa (he's ninety by the way!):

"Will you please put a chicken behind my back?" (We're thinking he meant "cushion")
"How's the second crop of opium coming along?" (No explanation to offer there)
"Where's the other gun?" And after I gave him a funny look he preceded to ask the question again.
"You're a pretty little girl too." Apparently he didn't want me to feel left out after the same compliment was given to little Mia. This is a far cry from the Grandpa who guessed I was was forty years old a few months back. Ouch!!

We decided a while back we better just laugh a bit and since then, it's provided some unforgettable moments. Sorry Grandpa!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

We had a chance today to honor a friend and firefighter. Jay lost his battle with cancer a few days ago and to say he'll be missed is quite an understatement. This was my first experience witnessing the support provided to a brother in need and I'm amazed at the love and bond forged by fire. As a wife of a firefighter, I find myself swelling with pride.

Now I'm absolutely convinced that Alfonso's found family in his fellow firefighters.

Friday, April 11, 2008

The kids

I don't claim that the above pictures are fantastic or future favorites, but the kids are in the same frame and they're both smiling...sorta :)

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I'd live there, pal!

Spencer was the recipient of a free bird house. I wasn't with him at the store, but he insisted he said "thank you" (and he's retold this portion of the story several times).

We broke out the paint and now we're certain we have the most colorful birdhouse around. Mia added a bit of paint also, but she was much too busy to participate come picture time.

I'm no prankster, but...

I thought it would be funny to play along with this whole April Fools' Day thing. Usually, I'm not any good at participating in a prank as the truth is written all over my face. Its a bit of a curse really.

Yesterday I had the perfect opportunity to get my prank in as Alfonso was away at work. Because we'd be speaking over the phone, I knew I could put all my energy into not busting up. So, my idea was to tell him I was pregnant. Yep, and you wouldn't believe the reaction: absolute silence. I thought maybe I'd get a little chuckle or something, but the laughter didn't arrive until he was certain this was indeed a prank.

I should be a little easier on the guy. After being solo for two full days and with one left to go, I might just be a little glad it was a joke too :)

Pictures of Miss Smiley