Saturday, June 27, 2009

Our Graduate

Spencer officially graduated from preschool (opposed to his "unofficial" graduation last year). He got a bit of stage fright and completely clammed up while onstage. Although I was bummed he didn't sing along with the rest of the kids like he did last year, I didn't shed many tears which was a welcome result of his episode of fright.

We asked him what happened onstage and he said he didn't like everyone looking at him. What he didn't seem to understand is everyone was looking at him (and chuckling a bit too) because he was so obviously uninterested in participating. Oh well. Guess it makes for a funny story.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Our "staycation"

With the economy tanking, "staycations" are becoming more common. We had our very own "staycation" in our backyard, capitalizing on the fact it already looks a bit like a campground even without a tent present.

When we went to sleep the wind was really blowing and we were already a little cold, so it came as no surprise that at 3 a.m. we headed inside. It was fun, and as now, the tent is still standing. Maybe we'll try it again soon.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The dessert that's made me forget all about ice cream...

I love Trader Joe's new non-fat frozen yogurt. So, so yummy.

Two little scoops topped with raspberry sauce (defrosted frozen raspberries mashed and just a little bit of Agave syrup added) and whatever fresh fruit we have in hand.
Try it and you may too forget about ice cream.

Monday, June 22, 2009

"I dir-tee"

The moment I walked outside Mia exclaimed, "I dir-tee, Mom"

Really, I never would have noticed?!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Pedal progress

We're excited to announce a few great developments around here! Mia can now reach the pedals of her trike. She's so proud and we are too!
Spencer, the same kid it took six months to convince to get on his bike at all, was riding WITHOUT training wheels in a start to finish twenty minute lesson. Unbelievable!

Little cuties

I'm so glad this...
quickly changes to this...

Friday, June 19, 2009

Note to self: Have a plan

I decided sometime last night that today would be an easy day. "Easy day" to me includes one free of strict plans and a "take life as it comes" attitude. Normally, I like to have a plan for my day, so this fly by the seat of my pants mentality does not come naturally for me.

The kids were both up and wide wake by 6 a.m. this morning. That in itself wasn't so bad, but life with kids is never that simple. By 8:30 a.m. we'd already made it to our first park of the day. We had a fun time and left without any tears, fights, or fits. I was preparing to leave the house so I could pick-up my second bottle of medicine for my swimmer's ear (that I got in the shower by the way) at Walgreen's when I heard a horrible scream coming from the backyard. Mia had taken a fall in the jungle (seriously, that's what it looks like) and was a mess. I feel bad saying this, but I'm kinda glad she fell because that's the only way I would have discovered that she had taken my wallet and all it's contents into the jungle with her. And because our jungle includes a whole lotta ivy, I don't think I would have ever discovered it. Ever.

Alright, so Mia was happy to be repaired with a band-aid and I had my wallet. I thought we were all good when Spencer yelled, "Mom, why is Cooper in the front yard?". I don't make a habit of allowing our dogs loose in the front yard for a lot of reasons, but a major one is the semi-busy traffic. I figured Cooper had found a hole some where in the fence, but after searching and searching I had no idea how in the world he'd made it out front short of hopping the fence which he'd never do. I quizzed the kids and got the confession I, at this point, was expecting. Apparently Mia found herself a bit of free time and decided to give Cooper his wish and let him out front. Nice.

So, we finally headed out for our seemingly innocuous trip to Walgreen's. We made it all the way to the register before an unforgettably embarrassing event took place. Spencer's incredibly observant and I might add, equally nosy. We had to wait just long enough in line to give him time to look at all the goodies at the check-out stand. This is when he noticed the KY lubricant gel and loudly announced, "Hey, I recognize this stuff. You and Daddy have this in your drawer at our house!" I'm not sure who was more embarrassed, me or the teenage checker boy.

After our stop at the drugstore, we went to our second park trip of the day and mind you, it was only 11:00 a.m. Our time at the park passed without any major events other than some big tears shed by little Mia as we were being chased by the geese. Woo-hoo!

I had a huge pile of laundry waiting for me at home, so I banished the kids to the backyard (foolish me), and tried to tackle the task. It didn't take long for a shout from Spencer beckoning the need of my presence in the backyard for something he promised was really "cool". Do you know what was so "cool"? I'll tell you...a just freshly filled pool with a few buckets of added dirt.

Cool, huh?

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I love this guy. He makes me melt because he's hot and occasionally, he makes me mad.
He just knew the kids and I would love the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see three (yes, three) helicopters land right before our eyes.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Seriously, he's killing me

Tonight I had a little chance to sneak in some one-on-one time with Spencer.  We were eating a (small) bowl of ice cream when he asked me, "Mom, do you think there really is no pain in heaven just like God promises?"  I believe that to be the truth, and I told him so.  His reply (the killing me part) was, "Well, I'm picturing it in my head right now and I see Great Grandpa swinging from the trees on a swing.  He fell and it didn't hurt him at all."  He then went on to theorize his belief that there must be dirt below the grass even in heaven "or it would just be concrete and that would hurt."

Then, the kid picked out 'Love you Forever' to read before bed.  

I love that kid.  I really, really do.