Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Picture time

We just got access to our photo gallery. I LOVE the pictures! You know you've found an amazing photographer when you have two uncooperative kiddos, but great photos.

Check them out: here
Yesterday we sang the song that goes along with the verse and I was so moved by the words, I looked up the scripture it's based on. For me, this is a good reminder of my where my priority should lie.

"Better is one day in your courts than a thousand elsewhere"
Psalm 84:10

Saturday, November 24, 2007


Thanksgiving was a good time to reflect on all that I should be thankful for. Normally I wouldn't count myself in the ungrateful lot, but I realize sometimes that's right where I belong.

A few weeks ago I heard a message that really hit home. While listening, it occurred to me that all too often I grumble about my greatest blessings. My grumbling sounds something like this: "My house is a disaster." "Spencer just won't listen!" "Mia had me up four times last night." "Ugh. The car needs an oil change again." "I'm so tired." "Alfonso's too busy to call me." The truth is, too many people are living without the blessings I'm complaining about. Ouch.

I can absolutely promise you I'll grumble again, maybe even within the next few minutes. There's hope for some improvement as I become more and more cognizant of my complaining. Thankfully, I have a very patient Savior.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Pirate Ship, Part Two

When I read that a ship was due to arrive in our local marina, I knew it was the perfect outing for our pirate-loving little guy. This ship was actually in one of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. How cool is that?

The actual sailing trips were just too expensive, but we knew Spencer would enjoy a tour just the same. We surprised him and walked up to the marina's waterfront and he spotted the ship right away. When we discussed that this ship was a "real" pirate ship he seemed a bit apprehensive. We assured him that he'd be the only pirate on the ship that day.

Spencer LOVES to ask questions, so he got the attention of one of the ship's keepers and asked her if this ship was indeed a "real pirate ship". She was quick to say "no" that this ship was a "merchant ship". Alfonso and I looked at each other and were both thinking the same thought... ...Hey lady! You see our kid? Yeah, he's the one dressed up as a pirate to tour a PIRATE ship. Can't you be a bit more creative with your answer? Afterall, what is a "real" pirate ship anyhow? Weren't pirates famous for plundering and taking over another's ship? ANY ship is a pirate ship. That's our story and we're sticking to it!

Pirate Ship, Part One

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Now that's just plain mean!

Last night, we had a game night. Before kids, we played games all the time, but this hobby just doesn't happen much anymore. It was nice putting hubby in his place with by outstanding Scrabble win. Ah, the joy of winning by three points!

Afterwards, I asked him to show me how to do the Roger Rabbit. Do you remember that dance move? As a youngster I could never master it no matter how hard I tried. Last night I was determined. I gave it my best shot and HE LAUGHED. And after he laughed, he laughed some more. And in between the laughter he told me that my attempt was the funniest thing he'd ever seen.

Apparently, I was not only blessed a lefty, but God threw two left feet into the mix too.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Tough love...

...is just that; tough. As Spencer has grown and developed, we've become such great buddies. He's got an incredible vocabulary (mommy brag) and sometimes it is easy to forget he's just three. I found discipline fairly simple a few months back when he'd openly revolt. It was easy to punish a child who'd refer to me as "poop" or call me a "bad mommy" (now that's a FUN stage). What I'm struggling with now is discipling my little pal.

Really, I'm glad Spencer's my little pal. Although I wouldn't change that for anything, I am the Mommy before I'm the friend. Lately, it has become painlfully obvious that Little Man's forgotten my primary role. After insisting for the gazillionth time that he stop jumping on me, I asked him, "How many times do I need to ask you to stop?". His smiling reply, "Two, three, four..." You get the picture. What appears to be cute and funny at three, can become something of a monster later.

Oh, and the Halloween candy is now gone. I warned him a few days ago to stop helping himself without asking first. I caught him trying his best to be one with the cabinet doors-he was trying to hide in the cabinet-as he snacked away on a piece of candy. It was cute, I'll admit, but he was warned before that the candy would be leaving the "building" if such disobedience took place again, and now I had to follow-through. I almost weakened as the tears flowed.

I always thought tough love was hard on kids, but now I realize just how hard it is for Mom.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Who knew?

Bored with our same-old-same-old recipes, I thought of the Shrimp Gumbo meal we'd often eat before the kiddos came. Hubby had banned the recipe some time ago because it had gone from a favorite to a "this again?" sort of meal. So anyway, I resurrected the recipe and made it the other night. I sampled the dish before heaving it to the fam, and was surprised to find it was spicer than I had remembered. Already, I was imagining the complaints that would soon come my way. Where are my earplugs?!

With little more than crossed fingers, I served up the Gumbo. Spencer started goobling it down without so much as a word. Yes! And Mia, she was eating as though we'd starved her for days (although, this type of eating is fairly common for girlfriend). Yes, again! Little Mia didn't stop there; she licked her plate completely clean. Of course, I pulled out the video camera to catch the show...I might never see that kind of appreciation again!

Thursday, November 1, 2007