Sunday, October 28, 2007

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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Pirate Talk

Alfonso took both the kiddos to the grocery store the other day while I was out behaving recklessly. Not really.

When he got back home, he retold a funny conversation that took place between him and Spencer. Here goes...

Spencer: What do pirates drink?

Alfonso: Rum. (already I'm wondering why he didn't just say "water"?!)

Spencer: Can I drink rum too, Daddy?

At this point, I think Alfonso wished he had just answered "water". Oh, and this pirate talk was overheard by our favorite sample lady. At least she was laughing.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Mia's 1 1/4 Birthday, Part Two

Mia's 1 1/4 Birthday, Part One

Heavy on pictures. Light on words.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Normal's good

The kids and I headed out to the outdoor mall today. I know, I know....that alone should have spelled disaster.

So, I'm madly searching for some sort of coordinating outfit for our picture appointment next week. When I take the kids on errand outings, I try my very best to come prepared. Usually, I have snacks, toys and, for Spencer, a quick explanation of the day ahead. I decide on a cut-off time and off we go.

After my unsuccessful shopping adventure today, we went to Jamba Juice for a snack. It felt SO good to just sit down on that chair and rest my weary bones (it ain't easy pushing around a double stroller). Of course, Spencer used this relaxing opportunity to announce he had to go "potty". Normally, this would be a simple fix, but we were in an area with few places to "potty".

I decided to nix the lecture about his timing, as Daddy does those best, and we went to Starbucks and used the facilities. I figured we'd be in and out quickly, so I left the stroller, purse included, outside the restroom door. Please, save the lecture.

Alright, so now we're set to go when I realize Mia's missing a shoe. Ugh! We re-trace our steps and find that some good soul set her shoe on the concrete wall to avoid the stampede of sidewalk traffic. Too sweet! To the car we go!

We finished the trek to the parking garage and before I entered the elevator I reached for my purse. It was then I discovered my purse was, stolen! At this point, I'm in a bit of a panic and wondering how all this will be explained to my dear hubby. Before I made any phone calls, I thought I'd better re-trace my steps...again.

Yeah, so I'm a little stressed as I rushed back to Jamba Juice. By the time I reached the store, I was huffing and puffing. I'm sure I looked very cute! I asked the manager if anyone had turned in a purse. She did a mini-grill and passed off my purse. She said a "regular" turned in the purse. I could just kiss that "regular".

Who knew I'd feel so releaved to have everything back to normal?!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Here's little man with his glove we found at the flea market. We didn't go in search of anything in particular, but I reminded Alfonso that you don't go to the flea market to find "junk"..."junk" finds you.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Today is the anniversary of my mom's death. It isn't often that I remember on the actual date. Usually, I think about it beforehand and after it's passed. I guess it has been a defense mechanism of sorts. Its been sweet to think of her today.

About a week ago, I was having one of "those" days. My little guy loves to ask questions about EVERYTHING and sometimes it wears my patience thin. Alfonso got home from work and I was venting a wee bit. Just like an good accountability partner, he reminded me that Spencer won't always want to ask me questions or have my attention. Ouch! Sure the statement stung a little, but he was absolutely right. Like any good mom, I headed outside to spend some time with Spencer. At his request, we laid out a blanket on the lawn and lounged. And wouldn't you know, the questions came quickly.

This time the questions were different. Spencer wanted to know about my mom. He had asked me some difficult questions about her a few days before and I didn't know how to answer. Here was my second chance.

He began by asking me how she died and I answered honestly. Then he said this, "So, you don't have a Mommy anymore?"


And I said, "No, Buddy, I don't." And Spencer's sweet reply was, "Mommy, that is so sad. Does that make you sad?"

It was then I realized how important it is to just take the time. Through his questioning, I was touched. Isn't that amazing?

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

No, really...Thank You!

It is always a bit unnerving to come home and find a HUGE box on your doorstep, especially when you're absolutely certain there's nothing you're waiting on. I asked hubby if he had ordered anything (afterall, the package did come in his name) and he gave me this confused look. And THAT made me a bit more anxious.

He opened up the box and found a very large food basket from Delta Air Lines. At this point, I wondered if he'd signed us up for some credit card with REALLY great bonuses (one could wish?!). Inside we found a card that read, "Your medical assistance on July 31, 2007 was greatly appreciated. We thank you! Delta Air Lines Corporate Officers and the Crew of Flight 311". With all the excitement surrounding our pick-up trip, I neglected to tell anyone about what happened as we were on our way to Guatemala. Now I have the perfect opportunity to brag on my hubby.

Mid-flight a loud shriek was heard a few rows back from our seats. Immediately we both turned around and saw a young woman convulsing. It was obvious (to even me), she was having a seizure. Her poor mother was sitting next to her completely sobbing. What can be done when you're over water at 20,000 feet? That's certainly a powerless feeling.

Alfonso got up right away and directed the flight crew to get all the medical supplies available on board. He did what he could with the supplies provided and the woman stabilized. He spent the rest of the flight right by her side. Her mother sat next to me and I tried my best to comfort her. Thankfully, touch is a universal language.

While it was heart-warming to receive an official thank you, I'm certain my husband never expected any sort of accolade. And that is just one reason why I'm crazy about him.